About Annie

annieI’ve been a freelance translator since 2009, though one could argue that I’ve been translating my entire life, having regularly moved from country to country as a child.    My upbringing was an assortment of English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, with English being my native language and Portuguese coming in at a close second.

I recently spent three years living and working in Rio de Janeiro and Joinville, Brazil, where I worked as a translator in the Portuguese > English and French > English language pairs.

I am now settled in Montreal, Quebec, where French and English are often spoken in the same sentence (with people often not noticing they’ve switched languages).

I have an Honour’s B.A. in Sociology from Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) and a Master’s in Applied Sociology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore County.   I also hold a Professional Translation for the Workplace Certificate (French-English) from the University of Toronto.

Please feel free to contact me at anniesap@pluggedintranslator.com

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